Friday, January 31, 2014

Getting the band back together

 Many many moons ago, I was in a group called MOPS.  Chris was 18 months old when we started our MOPS group.  We disbanded a couple years ago.  We mutated our group last year, called ourselves GTMOMs, or Getting Together Moms, and we meet periodically to have breakfasty brunches, Mops dates, or something without the child care provided.  But it's the base group - that has splintered off into my Book Club, and my Freezer Cooking Club.  I miss these woman.  I miss the base group.  I wanted to get 'the band'  back together.
So this week, when Kindermusik got cancelled, and Miss Stacy came round to clean, I saw a golden opportunity.  By gum, I'd host the old Mops group gals (with the few new additions from our church that we've added on) at our house.  My first time hosting at the new house.  I had been afraid, because when Craziness comes to our house, Chris adds to it and can magnify it.  But with the big boys at school, it would just be Jake and I, that wouldn't add too much to the crazy.  So I decided to give it a try.

It was Actually a Success!  
I had 6 moms, and 8 kids, and it didn't get unreasonable at all.  
The kids ate, the Moms got to talk.  
It went really well....I may be actually able to do it again. 

The boys didn't clean the basement, so the bigger guest kids couldn't go down there to play.  
But it didn't matter much, because they just had a wonderful time playing with the items on the main floor.  
The kids played in the play kitchen while the grownups milled about in the kitchen.  
And there was brunchy snacks.  I love a nice warm beverage in the warming, and it was even more heartwarming to have good grub and friends to share it with. 

The kids found great joy in the music room, which has only been recently updated enough to not have boxes of crap everywhere.  Now things have homes, and the kids had instruments to play, and they Literally acted like they were getting the band back together.  

I loved how they were making "Joyful Noises".  That may make me crazy, that I don't mind dueling drum sets, I find it enchanting whenever any little one finds joy in music.  All this Cuteness is good for my soul.  I found a great love of music, and then I found my love (my husband) because of it!  

The littles also had a fine time playing on the living room floor. 
I guess our house is Good for having kids over to play. 
There was a lot of cuteness, and a lot of laughing.  
Between last night, and today, I had so much laughter, I feel like a new woman! 

We were surrounded by all this Joy, I had such a good time visiting with my friends, some I hadn't seen in a long, long time, and the Abundant Cuteness, well, I may just have to do it again! 


Elizabeth said...

It was such a good time! Thank you for hosting!