Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The reluctant shoppers

Yesterday, Sam had his parent/teacher conference before he went to school in the afternoon.  It went well, he's smart but stubborn, though I knew that.  I traded kids with Eric for the privilege of going.  But when I got back, I didn't think I had time to do the shopping I wanted to do.  It was Wicked Cold out.  Cold enough for another 2 hour delay for Chris.  We were out of many things, so I decided to go for it....though it took me more than an hour to get moving because I just wasn't in the mood to go out.  Once we got out though, it was ok to be out and about.  Jake is a good shopper.  He didn't lose his mind until the very end at Costco, and that was really only because he was hungry and soggy.  From there we popped by Target for just the last bare necesitites before heading home to get Sam from school.  

I got a quick snap of us running to the car, because Jake kept making funny faces.  
He didn't appreciate being out in the cold. 

Though after our shopping endeavors, I was so happy to see THIS on the way home. 

What in the world is that?! 
The Sun! 

How I'd missed it.  
They say we're being hit with another Polar Vortex.  
I had never heard the term before this year, all I know is it got ass cold, below zero and wicked wind chills.  
Did you know that -40 degrees is the same in Farenheit and Celsius? 
Oh yes, it is.  And thanks to this winter, and its wind chills, I know what -40 feels like. 
Ass Cold.  I could've gone a lifetime without that.  
Or at least, learned it somewhere awesome like Sweden where my Dad did a night at the Ice Hotel for his 65th birthday.  Not cool to be sampling that kind of weather in my own Indiana backyard.  

Still, there was a break in the clouds, maybe it's the eye of the storm.  
And I got to see the sun.  The snow is even disappearing a bit.  I saw grass.  Eric says it's probably because it's been so cold and dry the wind blew all the snow away, and now we get to see the grass.  And the sun is so bright with the cold, the clouds had tiny hints of sun doggy rainbows on them.  

Well, we got all our shopping done, and now we can sit tight, warm and cozy for the rest of the week. Whew.