Saturday, January 18, 2014

Because we didn't have enough snow already


I don't know, I didn't think I was burned out on snow yet.  It's so pretty.  However, it feels like we only got 2 days with now snow...actually, less than that, because the big foot never fully melted away.  Not that I'm bummed, but just as a topic to write about.
This morning, we woke to a thick dusting of the prettiest snowflakes.  I didn't even have to get very close to make out their shapes.  Gorgeous!

Unedited, and simply unfooled around with, like nature.

I loved all the shapes, easily visible from standing. 

But this afternoon, another snow rolled in.  They say we may get 4 inches.  
True, that's nothing like the foot we got last week, still, it's a whole different kind of snow. 

These were tiny.  Sorry about the weird blue light, but since it was really dark, I couldn't get a focus without adding extra light.  And the flashlight I chose, made it look blue.  But still, they flakes were tiny, not fluffy.  

Funny how it's the teeny tiny stuff that falls and falls and stacks up to cause so much trouble.