Sunday, January 26, 2014

Game Night


Once upon a time, long ago and far away, I was a Blog Stalker.  I read every blog my friends wrote, and sometimes, I would start reading the blogs of friends of my friends.   I met one of my dearest friends ever that way.  She went to Butler a few years after I did, we knew some of the same people.  And she wrote a groovy blog.  Her blog entertained me because her daughter was only a month older than Christopher, so they were doing some of the same sweet moves.   One day she started writing about moving to Brownsburg, and when she put her email out there, and I wrote, explaining how I'd been stalking her for a while, and perhaps she might like a play date.  She invited us for "Game Night"  She said a bunch of their Butler friends and other friends came over to play board games, and pitch in a supper for an evening.  It sounded fun to me, though Eric was apprehensive, not knowing anyone.  Though once we got there, we realized that not only were we kindred spirits, but our spouses were too.   It was the first of Many Game nights.  And the first of many playdates for Chris and Bryn.
But then Amy moved away, and the Game Nights got few and far between, we all have a bazillion more kids than we used to, so whenever we get together, it's a whole lot of crazy.  I guess that's just the way it goes.  All of a sudden, Life Happens, and I realized it had been 2 years since *I* had attended a Game Night. Eric went, without me, when I was on bedrest, and before that I think I'd had a cold or something.  And when I realized that, I HAD to go.  Then I was even more excited when Mike said he was bringing Firefly: The Game.  I couldn't wait to give that a try.  By gum, I was ready.
But the weather was icky, and Jake hates traveling, I just hoped we wouldn't be Sorry.

I wasn't sorry.  When we arrived, the big kids dashed off to play with each other.  They curled up in the playroom to play wii games, and I barely saw them.  Must say, I wasn't too sorry about that at all. ;) 

 Carrie's birthday is today, so they surprised her with a giant nutella pie.  She was so sweetly taken aback, sorry the photo stinks, we were all laughing, smiling, moving and wiggling too much.  I was bummed it was nutella though.  Winter is the One time of year that it really sucks to have a hazelnut allergy.  Few realize that nutella is actually not just chocolatey goodness, it's chocolatey Hazelnut goodness.  Also anything that Starbucks uses their Toffee Nut syrup (I learned the hard way that the nut in toffee nut is a macadamia/hazelnut blend).  

The grownups split up into small groups taking over all the different rooms.  There were battles going on of Ticket to Ride, and Action Princesses, as well as my own Firefly Epic Battle.  Eric let me agree to dash off to play a "quick game" of Firefly.  Only as it turns out Firefly: The Game is Not Quick.  And I am Blessed with a wonderful husband who spent the whole evening juggling Jacob, because he refused to be put down, or play with any of the other kids, or be touched by anyone other than Eric or I.  That's gonna need to stop soon, but last night wasn't the night to fight it.  Eric was Exhausted by the end of the evening, and so was Jake. But at least I won't have to worry about Jacob getting sick from touching one of the other 20 kids germs or something.  Because he didn't touch Anything.  

I am Sorry, only I'm not Sorry.  "I am a leaf on the wind."
I got to play a game with some of the best Firefly line quoters Ever. 
I owe Eric huge, absolutely huge for letting me play a game for 3 1/2 hours.  I was winning when I had to bow out.   Jacob's cry changed at 10 from general pissiness to Just can't take anymore.  I had 10.5 of the 12, 000$ that were needed to win the game. But I couldn't stay to finish.  He had to leave.  All 4 of my Boyz were Done.  So I cut out.  I passed on the dinosaur token to Brian who had been our guide since he'd played before.  Since I don't know the outcome of the game, I will think he and I won.  


Anonymous said...

Yes, you won Firefly. Like 2 turns later, per Mike. :-) -Kathleen