Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby, it's Cold outside


This was going to be my picture of the day.  We saw something strange while Chris and I were waiting for the bus this morning.  The people that are building the house next door had a fire going.  Chris was very worried.  But then we realized they had a couple buckets of paint/glue or something next to the fire.  The fire was to keep their supplies warm.  We didn't have to deal with that when we built this house.  We had space heaters on each floor though for Eric while he worked, because it got Cold.  It's Cold again today too.  But not as cold as last week, so it seems kind of wussy to complain about it. 

Then it started to snow. We've gotten about an inch and a half, and there's another inch on the way.  
It's very pretty.  And I'm very Thankful we didn't have anywhere to go today... I am going to venture out for Book Club tonight though, Jake is teething, rotten, and won't sleep, not just won't sleep in my bed, but won't sleep at all.  Mama needs some time off.

But it sure is Pretty. 
This is my View out back - pretty nice, especially from inside my cozy warm house in my flannel nightgown, and crocheted slippers my grandma made for me.  I am planning on getting dressed later to leave the house.  But it's really not Getting Dressed weather.  

Even Sam agrees.  It's the kind of snow that you just want to watch. 
And maybe have a nice cuppa cuppa in hand while doing so. ;)