Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sam's favorite place


Sam woke up this morning and climbed into my lap.  He asked me what we were going to do today. 
I told him, we're going to his favorite place. 
Now this is something risky to say were I to say it to Christopher, who might say anything from McDonald's to DisneyWorld.  And Jake's favorite place is on my chest.  But Sam is easy.  Sam's favorite place is The Children's Museum. 

So we went today.
We only managed to make it down there once in December.  It used to be we'd go down all the time.  Of course, we also used to be able to count 3 days later, the boys would catch some sort of bug and be sick. But it felt like time to go again.  Avoid the holiday crowds.  You know, I hate going places that are crowded, and now that I'm an old fuddy duddy, I'm ok with not going to those places, and waiting until we can go and avoid the crowds.  Today was a good day for that.  There were no new exhibits, only saw 1 field trip, and it was pretty quiet.  I was able to capture my little Bumblebee smiling for me.  

We really love our Children's Museum.  It's not just Sam's favorite, it's one of mine too.  
I remember going there on dates with Eric back in the day.  Here's one of my favorite exhibits.  I thought it was so cool when Dale Chihuly put this exhibit inside.   I know, pretty crazy right, it was a sunny day for part of the day today! 

Sam's favorite places, the water and the sand.  

I also love how they added Windows to playscape to brighten up the place. 
The sunlight makes Sam look extra angelic.  


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful pic you captured of the Chuhily sculpture! And Sam is adorable!