Friday, January 10, 2014



Today was a weird one.  Christopher's school was cancelled, and Sam's was not.  It finally got above 30 degrees, and the snow has started to melt.  I took all 3 boys to lunch at McDonald's since I felt like we were respectably allowed out.  The buses couldn't have made it through our neighborhood this morning, but by the afternoon, it was just slushy and wet.  Very wet around here.  The ankles of my pants got soaked.

This afternoon the boys noticed that Oatmeal (the snowman) melted, melted to the point that his head and chest fell off, but his butt is still big.

That is what's left of Oatmeal in the background. 
The boys wanted to play in their fort before it melted too. 

I had to go out and attack.  Though it was so warm (at 35 degrees!) that I wasn't wearing a jacket or gloves, but somehow got myself into a snowball fight with those guarding the fort.  And it was fun!  
Of course, it's all fun and games until your hands go numb because the gloves are in the house.  
Either way, it was a good way to end a snowy week.  

The guards of the fort.  

We're supposed to have a warm, rainy weekend.  
And the snow may soon be gone.  
And school will be starting up again. 
I'm glad we played while we could.