Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An indoor sort of day


It was another really cold day, it was -4 when we got up, went down to -8 before heading up to zero, still it's very cold outside, so Chris had a delay for school.  His idea of good times is cinnamon rolls and playing wii.   He told me it's a Perfect Day.  A delay day with cinnamon rolls, wii, and school!
We've inadvertantly begun a new trend.  On delay days we have cinnamon rolls.  It's so nice to have a hot breakfast, I picked some up last week, when I was at the store and we'd already found out we were having a delay day.  So now, it's become a Trend.  One that Christopher really loves.  
First I bought cream cheese icing ones, then we got some orange ones.  Then when I hit the store again, we got more of the same, so wonderful and rare is it when they want to eat the same thing as we do for breakfast.  Yesterday, we had white iced, and today orange.  As we sat down for our cinnamon roll breakfast, Sam pointed out, "We have a pattern for our cinnamon rolls on delay days.  First white, then orange."  Kids pick up on the darndest things.  I never would have thought about it.  We just happened to pick up some more.  
But I think Jake could care less about cinnamon rolls. 
He doesn't mind chewing on the wii controller wheels.  But he has little interest in food.  

He just wants to do his own thing.  And he likes to be at home.  But I have found, that Jake is getting a little big and tired of being in the seat.  I switched it to rocker, but he still wanted the toys, even though he's so big they hit him in the head.  I gave him to him sideways, and he was pretty ok with that.  But really, he just wanted out.  Boy likes to do things his way, and that would be being held by me all the time if he got his way.   I do hold him a lot, but  but he doesn't always get his way...just a lot of the time.