Thursday, January 23, 2014

A good delay day

I got a wild hair when I went to the grocery store last night.  I decided to pick up some cinnamon rolls.  See, Christopher's school had already declared that there was going to be a 2 hour delay for a bit of snow and more excessive cold.  So we should have time for a yummy hot breakfast.  Well, at first the boys were mad that they weren't getting their traditional breakfast of an egg sandwich and a bagel with cream cheese.  But then when we tried the cinnabun cinnamon rolls, they were So Good.  It ended up being a great breakfast.  I didn't have to argue with anyone.  


 Chris had gotten dressed, practiced the piano, and when breakfast was done, he asked nicely if he could go play with the new wii controllers that had just come in the mail this past weekend. He'd been grounded for misbehaving 4 of the last 5 days, and this was the first day not in trouble.  It was rather refreshing to have him around to play.  

It was historic, because for a few happy moments, they were playing well together.  
For the first time in Days.  
Chris was so happy to use his new blue wii controller, and Sam was thrilled to use his new green one. 
They love to play the characters "Brozer" and "Waliigi" respectively. 

Even Jake got in on the action, and pulled down one of the Mario Kart wheels to join in the fun.  
Luckily, he couldn't do any damage to it, with no controller inside.  But he had fun being allowed to touch it.  
Almost like being allowed to drive too. Oh dear.