Friday, January 17, 2014

A Night at the Museum


Once a quarter or so, the Children's Museum has Members Nights.  It's open late...well, late for them, 5-8 in winter, 5-9 in the summer.  Tonight was one.  We hadn't been in, well, I can't remember how long...pretty sure, it wasn't with 5 of us.  So this evening, after Chris came home from school, we packed a quick dinner and went downtown to the Museum.  It's Sam's favorite place, sure, but the other boys enjoy it too!

We met up our friends the Julius's.  The girls and boys hadn't played together since Chris's birthday party. 

The kids were circling crazytown from the moment they arrived...well, really before, but when they asked to go upstairs and play on the carousel, well, that's one of my favorites too.  How could I resist?!

The 'cool kids' on the carousel!  
They love to play the game, Who's the tallest kid?  They'd go all around and around, with me yelling, "Oh Kristin is the tallest, No Wait - it's Christopher, No Sam's in the lead!"  Hysterical.  Makes me happy to make them laugh that hard. 

7 cents.  For that price, I brought great joy to the kids who got to watch the pennies spin around and around, taking turns, and having a great time.  I remember doing that at this museum when I was little too. 

There were 2 places, the kids wanted to hit - the Carousel, and Playscape.  
Eric had never been to the new playscape.  It was weird to be there at night, the new playscape is so bright by day, it felt very different to be there at night.  
But the kids had a great time.  They let their guard down.  They played.  

Jacob got friendly.  
He's been a bit of a wee beastie lately.  Kathleen thought there for a moment she couldn't make him smile or laugh, but it's ok, she did.  And he is teething, a lot, think that other front tooth is coming in any time now, and it puts him in a bad mood.  So we just never know when we're going to get a few moments of sweetboy. These were a few.  And they were good.