Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday's Sweetboys


You all know how I have a matching pajama problem.  Well, my mother in law is a cohort in my crimes.  For Christmas she found the elder boys matching yellow and brown monkey jammies.  She'd hunted but couldn't find them in Jake's size.  I found them on amazon, and they just arrived this week.  Now I have happy matching monkey boys.  So the boys were happy to put them all on this evening.  But Jacob is a maniac. He won't sit still for storytime.  

He won't sit still for smiling.  

He just won't sit still.  
Evening is not his time.  
Eric and I got out this afternoon/evening to see The Hobbit 2, while Mom W. watched all three boys.  
They were Done, and not really in the mood to cooperate, but Boy, they sure were cute.