Thursday, January 9, 2014

Piled up


What are we on now? Day 4 of Snow Days?   Ugh.  But yes, today was another one...and we got word, tomorrow will be too.  We stayed inside all day.  Yesterday I introduced to boys the the Awesomeness that is Disney's Robin Hood.  So today called for The Sword in the Stone and we just chilled out and played indoors.

When Eric got home, I got dressed (for the first time in days) and Actually left the house (for the first time in Days).  I had therapy up in Z'ville.  So I drove.  In Eric's car.  That thing makes me twitchy, but the way I figured it, if I slid off the road and got stuck, Eric would have to come and get me, with all three children, and all three only fit in the mini-van.  So he better have it, in case he (they) all need to come and get me.  So I hit the road.  
As I was leaving our house, I was surprised at this view of the Fort the boys built last night before dinner.  They really made it big.  Huge.  
The county roads are terrible.  The neighborhood roads are worse.  It's two-handed driving all over town.  If someone is driving while on the phone in this weather, I would want to slap them.  I saw a car fishtail so wide it hit the snow on each side of the road and still came out of it.  When I passed me by, I exhaled and waved, just to let him know I was saying a little prayer for him, for us all really.  It was nasty driving. It had started snowing again, we got another inch of snow...on top of the foot we already have.  Ugh. 

I did risk my life to catch this shot, 
snowy, crappy roads, with more snow falling.  
Gotta love Indiana in the winter time.  
I think that was enough adventurous driving for me.  
I don't mind at all that school got cancelled for tomorrow, except that Sam is still going, and Chris isn't.  That part is a little obnoxious.  So I don't think I'll be going far. 
Maybe it'll melt this weekend.
But if it doesn't.  That's OK.  
I stopped off at the Village Yarn Shop to get myself a little something. 
There's been a scarf pattern that got emailed to me from the VYS, and it's been on my mind.  
So I was talking to my therapist, and saying that I wanted to swing by and get Myself something.  
I know, it's 18 kinds of crazy for me to make something for myself, but now that the holidays are over, my hooks and needles are ready for something new, and this recipe has been gnawing at me.  I kept saying, Oh if I had the time and money, and was in the area of the yarn shop, I would go in and get yarn for that pattern. She suggested that would be a good idea.  

So I did. :)