Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Little Time for me

It's been a while since I got out by myself.  Jake has been really clingy.  This morning I figured out why. 
He's teething.  And his upper left front tooth just broke through.  
That explains why he hasn't been able to do any sleeping without touching my body in the last three weeks.  
It's been rough.  I'm tired.  I've been sleeping crappy and since he's been sick, rarely got any time by myself. 
Last Thursday night though, I got out for Therapy.  Without Jake, God Bless Eric. And as I was talking to my therapist, I mentioned grabbing some dinner on my way home, and maybe stopping for yarn.   As I sat there, I started dreaming big, although not unreasonably big, just big enough that it felt good to think about doing something for myself. She thought this was a Good Idea.  
So I swung by the Village Yarn Shop in Z'ville and grabbed some yarn just for me.  
Teehee. There had been this pattern for a scarf, called a Noro scarf (because it uses noro silk/wool yarn) and it had been on my mind.  It was 2 varigates started at different points, or 1 varigating yarn and 1 basic, that they'd emailed me, and I wanted to do it.  But knitting takes me so much longer than crochet, so a knitting pattern wouldn't make a good choice for a gift.  I decided, what they hey, threw caution to the wind, and bought yarn for myself.  Then this morning, I got some time to get started on it, instead of going to Sunday school.  


It felt so good to start something just for me.  And it's pretty too. ;) 
Rather than wake Jake to get to church on time, we chose to let him sleep, and Eric let me go to church with the boys by myself, while he stayed home with the fusspot.  It was kind of him.  And it was Good for me.  I hadn't been to church since before Christopher's birthday, which was their Program.  It was good for my soul. We talked about Jesus being the light and the center, and it this dark winter both literally and in the dark of our lives we can lose sight of that light, of that center.  And we talked about king cakes, how the baby Jesus gets buried within, but he's still there.  He's Always there.  Ah, it was so good for my soul to be reminded of these things, to get that fire within to flare up again.  
I got to refill my mind and soul.  
After church, Eric let me go with a girlfriend to go see Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second in the trilogy.  We'd read the books for book club, and had been trying to see the second one for a couple months now.  It wasn't going to be in the theatres very much longer, at the rate they go.  But I got to see it...without Jake.  And it was Good.  I mean, it stayed pretty true to the book, and I really liked who they cast for the different characters. They were more true to what my mind had pictured than the first movie.  In the first I didn't like the idea of Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, but he did well.  And in this movie, he continued to do well.  
It was so nice taking a little time away from the baby was good for both of us.  Maybe not so good for Eric, as Jacob won't let Eric put him down either, but some time apart was exactly what we needed for me to miss Jacob, for me to be ok with not getting to put him down for long.   These days are rare for me, now if only I can give some time like that for Eric.  I think we'll both feel refreshed, inside and out. It ended up being quite relaxing, going to church, knitting, and a movie, taking some time for myself. I came home charged and ready to get back in the groove, for everything is starting back up again.  And I am ready.