Sunday, January 26, 2014

The waterhole


We have this spot out back.  
It's where the water from the sump pump gets pumped to the storm drain.  But the piping we used has tiny holes in it, the theory being that we could put our garden there, and there would be moisture in the ground to keep things growing.  Only, we've not gotten around to planting a garden.  Doesn't matter so much, as this winter has been so moist, that there is plenty of water to pump out, and it has made the ground so warm and moist, that it is one of very few places around that is not entirely frozen right now.  Today, we had a large selection of birdies come visit.  It was neat to come see them get some drinks.  

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal come for drinks together.  I call him Jackie, as I've called all cardinals since I was too.  I used to think the same Cardinal, named Jackie lived by us and would come see me all the time when I was little.  I was probably way too old before I realized otherwise.  Anyway, I still call them Jackie, or Jackies.  But this Jackie has a Mrs.  Her name is The Mrs.

Jackie guarding the waterhole. 

He's so pretty. 

Every time I see a cardinal in winter, the way they stand out, it always makes me think of Eric's Grandma, Grandma Willman.  She had cardinal stuff around her house, I think she loved them.  Maybe she loved all birds, but I always think of her when I see cardinals.  I made her a blanket for her birthday a couple years before she passed that had cardinals on it.  I received it back from Grandpa Willman after she passed away. I'm glad of it, it makes me think of her.  

We got a Bluejay today too. 

Grandma Willman used to say that Bluejays were the bullies of the birdfeeder.  

I can see why she'd say that.  When Mr. Bluejay came down for a drink, everybody else moved to the other side of the waterhole.  Of course, if he does have a bit of ego, it's perfectly understandable, he's so pretty.  

Can you see Mr. Bluejay guarding over the waterhole?  The mourning doves took over one side, and the juncos the other, and the big bully stands guard. 

 It's a whole dramatic scene going on in my backyard.  
It's one of my favorite shows to watch.