Friday, January 24, 2014

Another fun delay


I think I'm finally finding my groove to making Delay days fun and a bit special instead of more awfulness as the kids go wild then we scramble to get them on the bus.  Today was Another 2 hour delay due to the below zero temps.   But Sam still had to be at school at his regular time.  But that meant I had over an hour between Sam going to school and Chris getting on.

So after dropping Sam off, Chris and I did what we do best.  Stop for Drinks!  

Then he got a crazy idea. ( I know, where does he get it. ;))
He suggested we have a wii tournament, so we played Winter Games Bobsleigh and Mario Kart.  
I won Olympics and he won Mario Kart.  I think I need, and will probably be getting more practice.  
The wii machine had been disconnected since we readied the loft for Jacob, and now that it's put back together, it's like a whole new toy!  Of course after over a year off, some of the parts weren't working so well, so we got a few new the boys new colored controllers, and it really is The Old is New Again.

But Jacob is learning very early.   He likes the steering wheels best. 

After getting Chris off to school, I didn't have much time, but I needed to run out to Avon for ham for hamballs, before getting Sam at noon.   As we came home, the weather was icky beautiful.  The sun was Sun Dogging, showing those beautiful icy rainbows.  It was so neat. 

And the wind was drifting the snow, like little snow cyclones all over the cornfields.  

Pretty, and not too scary to drive in.  Still, I'm most content at home on these snowy days, but I'm also going a little crazy at home with these crazy boys.  I need some time off before the next snow hits.  I'm going to take it tonight, going to the movies with Kathleen for the Late Show.  Tee hee hee.