Wednesday, January 1, 2014


For my New Year's Resolutions, I'm doing to do another 365, a picture  a day.  I was doing it pretty much for most of last year anyway, I just hope that maybe this way, I can be better about my blogging too.  I'm a big behind, and trying to get caught up.


The Fam came over for lunch today. 
And I've started in just like my Dad, requiring us all to take pictures. 
Oh well, at least I come by it honestly. 

We made Grandma Willman's ham balls, and Mom made a cole slaw with red cabbage, which sounded really weird but was quite delicious.  We all sat around watching Star Trek, and having a really relaxing day.  
The kids played hard, and when Ryan and Amy had to get going, THAT was when the boys and Kaylee decided to start up the Willman Family Band.  

They were so cute.  Even if it wasn't necesarily a song we knew.  I think it was Jolly Old St. Nicolas actually, on Christopher's part.  But the dueling drum sets slays me.  Yes, we have not just 1 drum set, but 2.  I know, it sounds bonkers, but there's reasons.  Mom W. asked us long ago if it was ok if she got Chris a drum set, I think he was maybe 4 at the time.  We said Sure.  (People think I'm crazy for saying yes, but we were planning on moving to a bigger home at the time, and in my mind, all music is a Joyful Noise, and I wanted to support it.)  Then we moved, and somehow we managed to lose the bass pedal for the drum set.  So the drum set sat in piano room, largely unplayed except when other people's kids would come visit.  I didn't mind then either.  Then Mom W. found out we couldn't find the pedal.  When she hopped online to order a new pedal, she found that it was roughly the same cost as getting a whole new drum set.  So she did.  Now we had two drum sets.  Then, get this, Eric was emptying a box of books with a bookshelf they gave us this past fall, and he found the lost pedal.  In a box of books - sheesh.  So now we had 2 drum sets....but no where for the kids to sit.  This year, Grandma made sure the boys have drum seats now.  Now they can rock!  And it was a very bookshelf Christmas here too, so they can really Rock! 

Anyway, after Kaylee left, the boys continued their family band concert.  This time moving to the staircase.  

It's like Peter, Paul, and Mary...only not quite as talented.  Yet.  

Here's Chris singing a song, I'm sorry, I wish I knew what he was singing, he was composing as he went, and that's ok.  At least he's having fun.  We need to get a new string on that guitar!