Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow Day

Not that we are back in school yet or anything, we aren't.  But if we were, it probably would have been cancelled today.  The only plans we had were to go roller skating with some friends, but when Sam woke up with an iffy cough, I decided to keep him away from other kids, and stay home, just in case.  Of course, Sam ended up being just fine, but having a Snow day with just us hanging out in our Jammies all day was actually Wonderful.

The boys asked for three things today and I caved on all of them.

1.  Mousetrap.

It's a game that my Dad gave Sam for Christmas.  My sister used to have it, and she loved it.  They've been bugging me and bugging me to open it.  So when I told them we weren't going roller skating, they asked to open Mousetrap, I caved.  They hated playing by the rules, they just wanted me to set it up, so they could Play.  Not play the game as written, just Play.  After battling them to play according to the rules, I just let them go. And they lasted happily for a while, about an hour before losing their minds and fighting over where the basket goes or some such nonsense.   So I put it away for the rest of the day. 

2.  They wanted to play in the snow.  However, they also wanted to stay in their jammies.  Ergo, we did both.  They stayed in their jammies, and yet suited up in snow pants and coats and all the trimmings to go out and play in the snow.

With Jake inside, I couldn't go out with them, so I sent them out on their own.  They played sweetly together for a bit.  They also got a snowball maker for Christmas, so they were totally excited to go test it out.  The snow was light and dry, so they didn't pack very well, but that didn't stop them from trying.  

Sam saying Cheese in the snow.  

Sweetboy in the snow. 

I love how they insist on taking their shovels out into the backyard just to make tracks and play.  
They have no idea that shoveling is Work. 

Christopher smiling in the snow. 

Chris was the most insistent on trying to get that snowball maker to work.  
He can be so strong-willed and determined when he sets his mind to something.
Don't know where he gets that. 

Chris, two-fisting, with his shovel and the snowball maker.

We had one successful snowball, and Chris almost threw it at Sam.  
Then he decided to give it to Sam, who walked right up to the tree, and smeared it rather than tossing it and risking missing the mark.   

Sweetboys drinking hot cocoa.  I made peppermint hot cocoa for them when they got back inside, and they were pretty excited.  Chris says I make the "Bestest Hot Cocoa Ever"!  Thanks Babe.

3.  They wanted to go roller skating.  I felt bad not being able to go roller skating with friends.  I told them tales about the days of yore when Aunt Lisa and I would roller skate in the basement in the winter.  At my Aunt and Uncle's in Michigan, we'd always bring our skates, to play hockey with my cousin.  It didn't matter if it was indoor or outdoors we were playing roller skate hockey.  Next thing I know, Chris is in the garage bringing his skates and paraphernalia inside, and I found them skating (well, skate/walking) across the basement.  Must say I was a bit proud of that one. 

All in all, a very successful snow day.  
And it looks like we'll be getting a few more, another storm is coming this weekend, bringing wicked cold, so I bet the boys will be having plenty of winter fun this winter!