Saturday, January 4, 2014

Go Horse

Today was the Colts Wild Card game for the Playoffs.  

So we dressed up all the boys in their Colts garb.  
The team won last week when the boys wore their new jerseys and Jake wore his Colts outfit.
So I put them in the same lucky outfits. 
It's only Not Lucky if it doesn't work. 

The boys were adorable posed on the couch. 
 Eric, on the other hand, was Super Lucky.  
My father had an extra ticket for the game and invited Eric.  
He'd never been to a Playoff game, and so he told me, if he was lucky to go to a Playoff game, he would dye his hair blue.  Heck, if I ever got to go to any Colts game at all, I would dye my hair!  Back in the old days, one of my favorite Colts cheers was Go Horse!  To me it implied going horse from yelling so much for our 'horses'.  But I love to Support the Team. So we hunted to find blue hair color.  Well, actually I had elves to help hunt, because I haven't been up to taking all three yahoos out in public alone.  So I didn't.  Instead, when I was griping about it, I had a couple volunteers offer to run to the store for me, since we're expecting a Snowpocalypse, and we needed hair color.  Mom W. found blue hair color at Wal-mart, so Eric swung by and snagged it last night.  
And today, he colored his hair for the game. 

It was Blue.   Very Blue.   
And a little bit Awesome too. 

I kept hearing that Hank Williams Jr. Song in my head, "Are you ready for some Football!?!"  
And Yes, Eric clearly was. 

But before he left, I had him pose. 
All my Boyz, all Festively bedecked for the Colts! 

This one was my favorite.  
My kids are going to have some wacky memories of me, doing crazy things to get them to smile. 
Sometimes it works...sometimes not.  
But at least you know where I get it. ;) 

I get it from my father.  This one is Eric and my Dad all decked out for the beginning of the game, after having lunch together at Shapiro's.  They've got Spirit, yes they do. 
And they won the game.  Biggest comeback yet.  We were down 31 KC to 10 at the half.  Ugh.  But then they came back and won the game 45 to 44.  HA!

And I just spoke to Eric as he was driving home from the game...and he was horse from yelling so much. :)