Friday, January 3, 2014

Frosty trees

I was sitting upstairs, nursing the baby to sleep, after I put him in his swing I sat down to do some potching on the computer, when I glanced out the window.  

This is what I saw.  Frosted tips on the tops of the trees in our backyard.  Not the whole tree, just the tips. 

I grabbed my camera and went outside,  and shot upwards.  

This is a closeup of the tree in the previous shot.

This was the sun peeping around the trees next door creating a glow around the Sycamore out back. 

I went around front, and our Dawn Redwood had just the slightest bit of ice on it.  I practiced doing some shooting in manual.

I know I got this tree for Eric, since it was his birthday, and he was the one that always wanted a redwood.  But I find that this tree brings me as much, if not even more Joy than to him. 

 I loved the way the ice crystals just clung to the branches, giving them a dash of sparkle.  

The very last of the needles cling on, and get iced.

Winter buds iced and ready. 

I love the contrast of color, redwood, white ice, and dark shadows in the background.  
The sun was hitting the trees just right.  

One last view up, in the backyard.  

I looked back out an hour or two later, and the iced treetops were gone.  They must've melted or blown off or something (it wasn't really warm enough to melt much today).  But they were gone.  

I did get some birdies come to the birdfeeder for some snacks. 
These pretty little Northern Juncos have been visiting me for a couple months, come down from the north. 

Good thing they figured out I put out some seeds.   
They are cute little zippers.  And I'm happy to welcome them.