Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Annie!


Here's a Perk of having a niece spend the night before her birthday, I get her when the Pig comes!

Here's Annie "reading" the note the pig wrote her.  

Wow, check it out, the pig brought Annie a Princess Celestia My Little Pony.  Now, back in my day the ponies were never this fancy.  This girl plays music, has wings and a horn.  Fan-cy!

Oh and the hairclips, we mustn't forget the hairclips.  

I had to post this one because the snipsy look on Charlie's face.  Ah, birthday jealousy.  

Even the boys thought her Pony was good.  Thank the Lord I have boys.  

Since breakfast is too early for birthday cake, we made sausage pie, and put candles in it.  

She did Not know what to do with candles in a pie.  Girl cracks me up. 

Happy 4th Birthday! 

From us, she got a box of dress up clothes...which you know meant she had to put them on Right Away!  

And she was kind enough to share with Charlie.  

However, getting them both to smile at the same time, is like herding cats. 

I love this one because they were getting fed up with the photo shoot and shoved their respective crowns out of their faces.  Princesses through and through!  Happy Birthday Princess! 

Oh, and I'm posting these for Lisa, who saw this moth in my window and requested I break out the macro lens and get a little crazy.  I looked it up, it's called a White Ermine moth, because of the ermine coating looking ruff around his neck.  Cool. 

As I was sitting there, a big ant came a crawling up the window, just passing through, but the moth just sat there as the ant checked him out.  

It looks like he's getting a taste, but I assure you he didn't chomp, or stay on to chomp more, he just checked out the moth's wing, and moved on.  It was really cool.