Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Cuteness Attack


I'm seeing a common theme as I get caught up.   For the last month my sister has brought the girls down to visit on a Tuesday.  On the 17th of July, she came over, and wooed us with her amazing cooking skills, so as to convince us to let her spend the night. It didn't take much convincing, like we could bear to let them go when the girls are so cute, and Lisa is a phenomenal cook.

1.  Annie and Charlie were being Extra Adorable! 

2.  Sweetgirls in the sunshine. 

3. I simply love this laughy look on Annie's face.  

4. But it's easy to see why the girls were laughing so hard, being chased by their crazy mama! 

5. Honestly, this is my favorite sight, two of my favorite people in the world cooking in the kitchen, which brings them both a fair amount of Joy.  I just have to point out the "cooking wine" in the foreground, Lisa says she does best with cooking wine, wine for drinking while cooking, not to be confused with the other stuff. 

6. Thought you'd like to see the final product: ginger chicken over a bed of stir fried fresh veggies: multi-colored peppers, broccoli, peapods.  Yeah it was better than it looked.  

7. Of course, in theme, the kids had to go swimming.  There were a ton of adorable swimming pictures, but as this is just a Top Ten, I had to go with this one of Chris doing his Jaws impression.  

8. Even though Sam hadn't earned the privilege of swimming, that didn't stop him from coming out and playing at the water table and getting soaking wet with the other yahoos.  Adorable when wet.  

9. OK, this was just funny.  4 Children, and it's the dog who's taking up the most space on the couch.  

10.  The yahoos were in bed, the sun was setting, and the sky lit up in the wildest colors.  Can you spot the silly sister?