Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Crazy Caprese Party


My sister came over to play the second Tuesday in a row.  In that week in between, we had mass hysteria.  But on this day, I had fresh Wisconsin mozzerella burning a hole in my fridge.  I volunteered the mozzerella and balsamic if she could bring the basil and tomatoes.   So she couldn't resist the opportunity to bring the sweetness over to my house. 

How can anyone resist these smoochies?!

Smoochies around.  

Arms up Everybody! 

Meanwhile, inside we began to deal with the Fabulosity.  

But no time in the kitchen is complete without 'someone' taking a break to get a little crazy in the kitchen.  

Ode to a Tomato:

With ingredients this lovely, how can you not want to compose poetry?

We reduced balsamic vinegar as Lisa chopped up the tomatoes, basil and mozzerella, We sprinkled on some  Italian seasoning then drizzled on the balsamic.  

Pretty sure the food angels were singing.  Then my friends, we sat and ate.  

Did I mention that during the actual Caprese salad making, we sent the kids over to Kidz Depot so we could and eat in peace.  Oh yeah.  No children to fight with us.  A lovely treat.