Monday, July 30, 2012

Up to the Sky


Saturday was the last day of our VBS, and I was finally feeling good enough to venture out.  Actually, I did nothing all day, didn't go to swim class or anything, so that I would have Exactly enough energy to go to the Closing at church.  

The service was a ton of fun.  It did my heart such good to see the kids jumping up and down, singing and making hand motions.  I love to see my boys Praising the Lord!  

As a special bonus, my friend Lori, who was in charge, arranged to have the Black Sheep Squadron from Danville come out and give us a show of a bunch of different RC planes and helicoptors.  We were a little worried about rain, which we've been praying for, because we're in a drought, but it held off for us.  The guys that visited were really enthusiastic and helpful, and our group of kids were absolutely enthralled.  

They brought helicopters that they could fly upside down! 

Here there were 4 going at the same time, can you spot them?  I love the ones with trailing ribbons.  

Watch out!  That was a near miss, just to please the crowds I'm sure. 

Can't miss this bright orange one! 

I love this little bomber.  So old school, and So Cool. 

You can't tell, but this helicopter was Huge! 

Oh yes, and they had "popacles" for the kids.  This one of Chris ended up being my favorite of him for the day, because as often as he was looking up, I just couldn't get a flattering shot of him, and in this one, he just Glows.  :)

A good evening, and a great way to begin my recovery.