Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trip to Wisconsin, Day 2

Our first full day in Wisconsin was a wonderful one.  So I'm going to post my favorite pics from that day.  First, our hosts took us on a Breakfast cruise as soon as we could get up and suited up and get ourselves out on their Pontoon boat.  I love a nice pontoon boat.  I have so many wonderful memories of renting one for the day when we'd go on family vacations when I was younger.  Seeing the same Joy in my sons was so wonderful for me.  The water was quiet at 8 in the morning.  We had a smorgasboard of foods, coffee cakes, fruit, and the coffee flowed freely.  It was The Perfect way to get a tour of Lake Camelot.  

The boys watch as we back out slowly, no wake speed.  

Oh the kids got very interested in Miss Nancy's driving.  And she showed them how it was done.  

I love this one, as Chris steers.  He actually did a great job! 

Sam on the other hand got a little distracted.  Nancy had to give him some pointers to focus, or he would just look at the wheel (not a good idea).  Gonna have to worry about that one when he's old enough to drive. :) 

The boys watch as we come in to port. 

Immediately after our brunch cruise, Chris hopped right in the water.  What's the point of being vested and in your swimsuit if you can't just jump right off the boat into the water?!  It was Great.  

The boys got all loaded up with floaties.  Chris kept his boat vest on, and got a lot braver about being in the water with Daddy, or moving where he couldn't touch.  They got out the noodles, and played pony race, then Chris built a noodle bridge for Daddy to sail under. 

I love how Sam is swimming in a tube WITH a swim vest, and just floating along with his boat.  Doesn't even care that he's in 12 inches of water or that he's up against the dock.  Boy cracks me up. 

And a little movie to make you giggle.   The lake is where Max potty trained.  So, Chris had to join in, this is total blackmail material.

By the end of our swim, the boys were doing Wonderfully on their own.  

After relaxing swims for all, and picnic lunch out by the dock, we all got dressed for what we termed as a Cheese Run.  About 1/2 hour from MorMor's there is a Cheese Factory.  And you can't go to Wisconsin and not have fresh Cheese.  Actually, Eric and I had a list of Must sees:  Beer, Cheese, and a Dell.  The Dell thing didn't work out.  But we got local beer put in our hands as soon as we arrived.  And this was the day of the Cheese.  

Chris and Max were totally stoked to go on a small road trip together. 

An aisle in the shopping section of the cheese shop.   This was just one side, and all three boys went a little crazy for the cheese.  Sam picked up a giant hunk, but then put it down in favor of a wheel of cojack as big as his head.  He wanted it because it was a Circle.  So we caved.  Hard to say no when they want Cheese.  Chris ended up picking a hunk of Edam, which I just finished off for lunch today, it was sinful.  He didn't like it so much once we got home.  Me, on the other hand, it was my favorite, melted in slices on a toasty sandwich.  We spent about 50$ on cheese on various types, trying things we'd never done before, and that was no not obscene, we'd packed a cooler for the road, and all of them have tasted So Good. 

This is Wisconsin State Dairy Cheese Factory (I think I got that right) and they are processing fresh cheese curds.  Separating the curds from the whey.  Apparently it's step 1 in Cheesemaking.  

And when the curds are fresh, they have a great squeak when you chomp into them.  There were plain curds, and some with flavors added.  Eric picked up a few different flavors.  While we went for some fresh ice cream, Eric sampled his curds.  Which were really good.  One that surprised me was the jalapeno flavored curds, they had diced jalapenos in the bag, so that the oil and pepper bits subtly covered them.  And the squeaky smooth cheese was the perfect counter to the spice.  I was surprised I liked them as much as I did.


None of our cheese curds made it back to Indiana.  And of course the ice cream was gone before we left the Factory.  Oh the wickedness!  I tell you, it doesn't bother me at all when Sam orders an ice cream he can't finish.  It's a burden I don't mind bearing, that I have to be the parent to "help" him finish.  

Here we are:  chock full of cheese and crazy.  

After the factory trip, the boys and I took a nap.  Even Eric fell asleep relaxedly reading.  For dinner, Nancy grilled out some burgers for us to test out our new cheeses.  I tried the fresh American (that we got for the kids and it was quite good) with the pepper jack.  Cheesy Meaty Goodness!  

And you know what?  Even Christopher ate his entire Cheeseburger!  Maybe he is our kid after all. ;)