Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank you for Seconds


Chris had a Riley appointment this morning, and refreshingly, it went well.  He did everything well, and Blessedly they don't want to see us back for another year.  Praise the Lord!  

Afterwards, we got to meet up with the Amy and the girls for lunch at Chick Fil-A.  

I can't believe how big my elder nieces are growing, such nice young ladies.  And boy do they love their cousins, but they probably don't know just how much their cousins love on them too.  Sam is constantly saying in his prayer, "Thank you for Seconds".  It confused me for a while, for months, I couldn't understand.  Was he happy that there was more than enough food to go around?  Finally, just a couple weeks ago, I got it, we'd seen his Cousins, and he said Thank you for Seconds during prayers.  I said Thank you for our time with our cousins, and he said Thank you for Seconds Again.  His emphasis on Again implying that he'd already thanked the Lord for time with his cousins.  

Today, was another great day for Thanking the Lord for Seconds too.  We got to play with the boys "seconds".  And I'm pretty happy that we got a second chance with the urology department, and that Chris is Fine, and they don't want to see us back until he's in Second Grade.   And that there is always plenty of food too.  My Blessings are Abundant.