Monday, July 30, 2012

Gone Swimmin'


Mommy felt good enough to finally go swimming, and Sam asked me nicely.  It's weird to just take him out by himself.  I was feeling guilty for taking Sam swimming when Chris couldn't, or taking Sam to the sprinkler park, but a friend recently reminded me, Chris had 3 years worth of doing that sort of fun before Sam came along, so I suppose it's ok if Sam gets to get out and enjoy it a bit now.

So I took Sam and Princess out to play.

Can you spy Princess in the background?  

She still works that pitiful face.  Do not Engage. 

Meanwhile Sam found a new friend, "Sharky".  

He's cracking me up.  

Can you hear, Du Duh.

I just love this one. 

I can't take him seriously.  Where in the world did he get all those teeth?  I don't think the only sharks are plastic around here. 

 Viciously attacked by a sweetboy.  

Lovely day, lovely lovely day.