Monday, July 30, 2012

God Bless the Rain


Thank you Lord for sending rain.  And not just a little 3 minute rain which is all we've seen in months, this one lasted about a half an hour and soaked us all.

Me, I had been in my jammies all day, so I had no qualms about going out and dancing in the rain.  Even set the camera up.

But what's better than dancing in the much rain yourself?  Watching Sweetboys in the rain.  

Once Chris actually started getting wet, he was less than festive with being out in the rain.  So he went back inside.  

My tootsies weren't exactly thrilled that I had forgotten shoes.  But who cares if my feet get wet in the rain?  I don't care, I was too happy to have rain. 

And not nearly as happy as this one....who didn't think he needed his boots if Mommy wasn't wearing any.  

Sam and I found a place on the porch where the rain was just pouring down.  

Sam danced in it. 

So adorable so wet.  

Meanwhile the shoes stay mostly dry on the porch. 

And the Boy is Soaked. 

So he puts his boots on to go back inside. 

Silly sweetboy, I don't know where he gets it. :)