Monday, July 30, 2012

Prinny gets Presents


I don't know if I've mentioned to you all, but Princess tends to chew things.  She has chewed up crocs belonging to Christopher, Sam, Me, and my Father in Law.  She took a chunk out of a pair of my sister's shoes, but turns out Lisa liked them better that way.  That's something.

Princess likes plastic.  And she had destroyed all her toys.  Princess needed new ones, and a new collar, she's been doing so well here, that instead of looking emaciated, she looks healthy, and a big girl needs a new necklace.  So last Sunday, the boys and I hit up the local pet store, and got her some new goodies.  But you know what happens when you take a bunch of boys to the pet store for a dog.  They ALL want to get the dog a toy.  Even Eric.  I just picked her out a pink polka dot collar...I swear.

Little did I know, that she was going to go bonkers for all the new toys the boys picked out for her.  

I've never seen her so excited.  If the boys moved to fast near her new toys, she'd skitch off, but by the next morning, she was herself. Some girl loves her some new toys.  And peanut butter kongs drive her crazy, in a good way.