Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last day of swim class


Saturday was our last day of Swim class for the year.  And I can't say enough how proud I am of the progress our boys made.  But this was an extra special day.  Made even more cool by the pair of V-22 Ospreys that kept circling around, over the park where our swim class is held.

Hard to see the boys in their classes, but they are the only ones wearing shirts.  

Sam practicing his sweet arm moves.  

I'm so proud of Christopher as he stands on the edge and jumps right in, something he was not able to do a year ago.  And Sam is a little skitchy about the waterslide, but his teacher happily helps him do it.  

Ah, the last.  Here come Buzz and Woody, all done.  

The park is funny, swim classes run until 10:50, and the pool opens to the public at 11.  We figured we'd have a picnic in a covered place at a table, but when we came out they were So we set ourselves up a picnic on a small grassy knoll in the parking lot.  And then when everyone had finished their sandwiches we went back inside to swim.  

Sam went for the waterslide...but he didn't want to do it alone.  

Ok, Ok, Mommy is a sucker.  And she can't resist doing the waterslide with both her sweetboys.  

When it was Daddy's turn, Daddy let Sam go down alone, while he waited at the top, and I stood at the bottom, to 'catch', so Sam did technically go down alone, sort of.  And then he stood up, turned around, and told Daddy it was his turn, and that he (Sam) would catch him.  I love this.  

Chris Cutie Closeup.  

Gotta love the patriotic tattoo that Christopher chose at our Olympics party, it makes him look so cool.  And since we were having such an awesomely cool day, I got a wild hair, shortly after we got there.  I thought I would go down the Big Waterslide.  So I did.  

So Chris went on the Chris-sized waterslide.  Superchamp.  It'll be a while before he's 48 inches tall to go on the Big Slide, but Emily was able to do it a couple times. 

We had quite the crazy crew:  3 families - 13 people.  Wild party! 

And Sam started getting cold, turning blue, after 2 hours in the pool.  He held up like a champ, but when the boys were done, it was time to go.  Big doin's in the evening, and naps were Very Necessary.  

But aren't they always?!