Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slumber Party

My sister needed  a night off.  OK, wanted a night off.  She wanted to go get tattoos with her girlfriends.  So I volunteered to borrow the girls overnight.  I know, not my wisest move.  But I have to be stupid while I can, they're moving to Texas in a month.  I gotta load up on the Cuteness while I can.

So last night, the kids were chock full of crazy.  Even Sam can say "we chock full of kayzee!"


The next morning the girls were in rare form.   For example, here's Count Chuckula. 

Annie was upending puzzles all over the place.  

Then the superheroes attacked.  I don't even know what they were playing, but they were like a herd of wildebeeests stomping all over the house.  

But I got them all dressed,and herded them all to church, which ended up being the best thing ever.  While the girls behaved angelically at church, mine were crazy cakes.  Lisa greeted us with lunch when we got home, and then it was Naps Around.  Thank the Lord.  There isn't much that I love better than spending time with my nieces, but a nap.