Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Karate Kids


Yesterday we chilled. The boys and I went to the eye doctor, and had a lovely lunch at Friday's and came home and chilled out.  It was rather refreshing not to go running anywhere at 3 o'clock to have to pick Chris up from Day Camp.  It was a good day for crossing items off our lists, like writing blogs, or making phone calls.
One of the phone calls I made was to the local Gymnastics place, where Christopher used to go.  I wanted to send Sam, and Chris needs something physical too. According to their website, they have Karate on Saturday mornings.  So I called them, we're not as in such financial straights as we were 6 months ago, and Eric just got a nice bonus, and we agreed to use it for the boys.  So we signed up Sam for gymnastics class.  But when I went to sign up Chris for Karate, his #1 choice that we presented him with: Karate, dance, or gymnastics, they told me that it met twice a week, and Mondays were the other night.  Oh No!  He's got Kindermusik that night, and that's a class that Mom W. teaches, 2nd year of a 2 year plan, and we can't move it.  So he can't take that class.  So I went to Chris to discuss it, and frankly, he amazed me with his maturity.  He was sad, but when I said, we still want to put you in Karate, we just can't do it there right now.  He offered to go to both classes on Monday nights, and not have any flushes.  Yeah, so generous on that one.  But then I said, they do have Boys gymnastics class there, you could do one of those, for the big boys. He said, "Boys need to know gymnastics to do Karate."  I don't know how true that is, but I liked the idea of having you go back there, those folks were great, and I got a discount for a sibling attending.  And he seemed to enjoy the idea.   So I signed up both boys for gymnastics.
We had to go over in person to finalize the paperwork, and when we came home, both boys were bouncing off the walls doing karate chops.

You do know, you're both taking Gymnastics, right?  I asked.  

Oh yes, but you have to know how to do Gymnastics to do Karate.  Time to watch more Olympics.