Monday, July 30, 2012

The Zoo Run Run


Thursday the 19th, the boys and I got a wild hair.  On Thursdays, through the summer, the zoo was doing a special thing, Animals and All that Jazz.  They'd stay open late, have live music, free rides, all good times.  We made it only once last summer.  This year I wanted to try to go again.  I thought, Oh I'll nap Sam early, and then we can pick up Chris from day camp, and go down.

  I packed the boys swimsuits, thinking that we'd run through their sprinkler park.  Most sprinkler parks in the area are closed down because of the drought, but places that you have to pay are still open.  Chris's day camp had tried earlier in the week to go to one, and failed.  So I thought I'd make this up to him.  But they closed at 4...moments after we arrived.  Yeah.  That went over well with the boys.  So, as the first time out was done, Sam announced he had to go potty.  So we went. And he was there for a half an hour.  The only solace was this nursing chair.  Thank goodness we'd chosen the family bathroom.  Oy.  

So I let them play at the playground for 10 minutes until it was too hot and too crazy for me to take anymore.

Then we left.  Seriously, we were only there for an hour, and half that time was in the bathroom. The only animals we saw were the little birds by the playground who thought they were going to get a snack.   Good thing we're members.  Not trying that anytime soon.