Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Little Museum Time

I got to take both my boys to the Children's Museum.   Chris had a Riley appt, which went well, so we decided to just hang on to him and all popped by the Children's Museum afterwards.  

Here's a little known secret only really known to parents of preschoolers.  The Children's Museum has these  little potties.  These little potties provide the perfect reward for Potty Training adventures. Sam was Thrilled to sample these for the first time.  They have them in other places, but Sam kept insisting on coming back down here to pee on the first floor during the entirety of his visit.  Boy liked these little seats.  I know, he'll hate me for posting potty pictures someday, to that I say well, tough.   I am too proud of him "Getting It" with regard to potty training to refrain from picture posting.  

We got to meet our friends for some fun.   

First they all were requesting to see the Hot Wheels exhibit.  It was a relatively new exhibit, but when we were there last time, the crowds were insane, so we didn't stay long.  Today, the crowds were better.  

The fun was greater.  The cars racing faster.  And the tantrums, well, lesser. 

And the boys played cars together. 

Once it started getting a little crazy in Hot Wheels, we took to the Lego Travel exhibit.  Both my boys find great Joy in driving.  

And they found cars.  It was darn near impossible to get everyone in our party together for pictures, it was tough enough to get both boys together.  

Farewell, Lego exhibit, which actually closes after tomorrow. Shh...I haven't told the boys.  

For our last hurrah of this trip, we opted to go on the carousel.  For the first time, the boys chose horses that didn't move, accidentally of course, they didn't realize until we started moving.  And we decided, a carousel that isn't going up and down, but still going around is still better than no carousel at all.