Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let the VBS begin!


Our first day back after our vacation also happened to be the first day of our church's VBS.  The Theme was SKY: Everything is Possible with God.  
This was a whole new year for us, as it was Sam's first year to participate in VBS.  Eric and I toiled for a while, we've been participating in one way or the other since before Chris was eligible.  We told the powers that be that we would want a night or two off.  So our job was Officially  - Closers.  Eric and I got to be the Crazies that do the closing skit.  Then Lori asked if I would take "a few pictures"  You know me....

So here's a Top 5 of our first night of VBS.  June 9th.  

This was Sam, happily, receiving his name tag, and signing in for the first time.  If that face doesn't say Joy, I don't know what does. 

Chris in his Bible class with pastor, the big kid class.  

The Preschool "tree house".  They put all the preschoolers in one room, and just did different things with them, rather than try to herd cats all over the church.  Smart. Very smart. 

Chris, too excited to be contained, in his group with his besties: Claudia and Emily.  

It is going to be a great VBS!  Everyone is getting set to Fly.  Truly, the Sky is the limit!