Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Going Neighborly


What a great day to start building the framework of a house. We got a bit of rain, so some of our framing was a bit delayed today. Also got a lovely muscle spasm in my back...After overdoing it on a visit to the chiropractor. He's got this crazy notion that I need to exercise more...something about fixing my bones isn't going to do much good if my muscles are still weak. He has a good point.

Well, you bet your bippy I turned right around and went back when I started having trouble breathing deeply. Now, part of me was thinking, oh no, he broke me...and Grr...But no, he helps. Helped. But I'm still sore.

The boys and I were on our own this evening, so we popped by the lot to check Progress, of which there was much, and Chris got his shoes all gooby, and it was gorgeous, a lovely fall evening, fresh after a much needed rain. So we went for a walk. In our new neighborhood.

Everyone there says hello, it's kind of fun saying hi to all these people we are going to get to know. Chris met some older boys who wanted to play on our mountain of dirt...even though it was Mud. It's so nifty meeting our neighbors. We see someone pass by, on a bike, or scooter, and Chris would ask, Who's That. A new neighbor. Everyone smiles and waves as we pass and the trees keep out so much noise. And I got a whole smidgeon of exercise in spite of being Tender. It's really lovely there.