Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Get Moving


Well, since yesterday was Labor Day, it seemed only appropriate we continue with our weekend theme, and keep working.

Instead of Eric helping other people move, he did some work for us. We got a bunch of boxes from helping our friend Emilie move back into her house, so my sister came over and Blessedly helped us get cracking on our own moving project.

Tell you who had the most fun? The kids. Not much is more fun than playing in boxes!

I have a lot of Clutter.

There I said it. I must confess, it was hard for me to actually get rid of stuff. Lisa wanted to subdivide: Keep, Box Up, and Donate/Trash. My sister was quite the nazi when it came to toys and stuffies, forcing me to choose. I did really well for a while filling a bag of stuffies, with beanie babies, and things that I remembered the kids getting, but the kids could've cared less about. But when Lisa said, "You're doing really well." Well, then I cried. Pretty sure I lost cool points with that one, because then she started with Really? Really? You're Crying? Really?

Yeah, I was. It was then I realized that I'm more tied to the Stuffies than the boys, and when I looked in Chris's room I realized that the two largest stuffies, that occupied the most space, were mine. It was time to get rid of them. I hope they find a good home with someone who'll treasure Pooh and Fnerf's extreme snuggliness.

Meanwhile, as we're trying to work on Sam's stuffies, the kids come in and start pulling toys out of the bins. Hard to put things away when the kids want to play with them WHILE I'm packing them. And there were a few I was glad to be rid of.
You'd think it would be ok for me to pitch the Pink Pig. But I just couldn't do it, too many memories of that thing. Glad I kept it though because minutes after I made the decision to keep it, the kids pulled it out of the box, and Chris was entertaining Charlie with it. And she was smiling all about it. OK, Gotta Keep that one.

In addition to loading 20 boxes of Crap from the basement, heavy boxes topped with keepable stuffies. ;) We did some work in the Kitchen. Given my Bounty from Saturday, I spent my spare time on Sunday snipping up green beans. Then yesterday started off with cutting up my newly acquired sweet potatoes to make Sweets and Beets, or at least to attempt them. Every time we'd put in the sweet potato and beet "chips" they'd come out a little different, we changed thickness, temperature, length of time cooked. We only had to outright pitch a dozen of them, and the rest were still a little less chippy, less crunchy. But still yummy. Didn't stop us from snacking on them, you know, to Test. Lisa brought a recipe for Sweet Potato bread, actually it's a recipe for an apple bread, that uses a cup of shredded X: apple, sweet potato, zucchini, what have you, it was YUMMY!
And then just about supper time, I started canning the green beans, or at least cooking them. We sampled them for supper, and then I canned them, got 5 quarts from 2 small $2 boxes of Seconds.

Turned out Pretty Good too!

After all that, we were exhausted! This moving thing is going to Wear Me Out!