Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Camping: Friday


I know, I'm backtracking, but there were so many adorable pictures of the kids from this weekend, I just had to sift through and narrow it down to a Top Ten list.

1. Ready to Go: We met Nana at the Camper rental place, and while they got all settled up and ready to go, the kids took over my car as a new place. We were READY to get serious about Camping!

2. Sam is Stoked to Camp: After 4 hours of driving (stops included) we finally arrived at Lake Patoka, the Modern Campground. Sam could barely contain himself, he was excited he didn't want to leave the parking spot.

3. Chris Unpacks: Chris was so excited, he couldn't wait to get 'his suitcase' out of the car. We didn't have anywhere to put it yet, but he couldn't wait to help.

4. Testing: The kids help Test our Tent as we all put the finishing touches of getting it up.

5. Drip Drip Drop Little April Shower : First line of that song from Bambi got in my head when we first started feeling the drops of rain hit more seriously than the mist that was in the area when we arrived.

6. Breaking out the Umbrella: Yup. It was raining. Not that Chris cared, he just wanted to play with the umbrella. I hid in the food tent which as it turns out was a whole lot more waterproof than our tent for sleeping.

7. Puddle, Oh Puddle: Sam discovers the joys of free reign to puddle splash.

8. Puddle Kahootz: Sam and his cousin Annie have a great time splashing around in the puddles.

9. Kids go Wet and Wild: Annie, Sam, and Chris go tearing about our campsites through the misty rain.

10. Bathtime Baby: Sam is dirty, tired, wet, and cold. Time for a warm shower and bedtime boy!