Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labory Days of Moving


Yesterday and today, Eric has spent the days helping our loved ones move. Yesterday he helped Mom and Dad move into Ryan and Amy's place. And today, he helped our friend Emilie move back into her home. Eric's Aunt Teri came up from FL for the weekend to help out. And though the boys and I aren't up to helping anybody move anything, we certainly are Supporting. And willing to join in the post-moving festivity.

This morning that included Brunch at one of our local haunts, Pit Stop. The boys were getting quite a kick out of their great Aunt Teri. They were giggling and wiggling, and so adorable.

I try to get them to hold still, but that's like herding cats.

But they know how to have a good time.

After Eric helped Emilie move, we met her family at their recently remodled place, just down the way from where we'll be living. Gotta tell you, the weather was so gorgeous outside today, I just wanted to do something, in spite of having all these indoor projects to work on. I couldn't help myself.

So I just took a small break, to get myself moving. For my birthday Eric got me this bike, and for our anniversary, he aquired this two-seater trailor. And last week, he put the two together. This week I picked up a helmet for Sam.

Today I gave it a go. Can you see the two helmeted boys in the trailor? One trying to help calm the other? Perhaps you think I'm crazy putting helmets on both of them. Maybe? The trailor just strikes me as flimsy, and yes, though I rode my bike for decades without a helmet, we got Christopher one for learning, and when he helped pick my bike out, Chris decided I needed a helmet too. Well, if I'm wearing a helmet to show Chris that it's good to wear one, then Sam needs one too, if he's going to ride with us.
So all three of us rode around the block with our helmets on. Pulling that thing isn't as easy as you'd think, and after the busy weekend I've had, I physically could only go around the block once. And that was good, because though Chris and I thought it was a wondrous fabulous thing, Sam screamed the Whole Time. We'll try again later.