Friday, September 3, 2010

The Garage Dance


Today was nice. Saw some friends, and played a little bit, but I gotta tell you, the best thing that happened to me today was Christopher. He woke up in a cuddly mood, and just stayed sweet all day.

Then he was behaving pretty decently when we went to MOPS and brought Emily over to play. They were robots running wild.

He was on very good behavior for me and for Daddy. And he was helpful with his brother. He deserved a treat, well, many treats. We were out running errands, of course, Chris was helpful shopping for his little brother, picking out things Sam would like, like a helmet and camping chair, even helping me. So then we grabbed our cameras and met Daddy at the lot.

They poured Footers yesterday and there was a significant ditch surrounding the area where the garage will go. Daddy is obviously strong and nimble enough to cross the small ditch, but not a young boy (or Mommy) so Chris couldn't go. But today, Daddy took him across, and when we told him he was standing where the garage was going to be, and it was all outlined by footers. Well, he did a little Garage Dance. Wish I had video, but a photo will have to do.

So Cute!

He makes me Smile.