Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Bigger Mess


Well, today we decided to get more Serious about decluttering, in order to get the house ready to put on the market. Funny thing about that, in an effort to clear out our basement, we emptied and took apart the entertainment center, to make more space, and box up crap, but the process seems to have taken up more space than it's cleared.

And I feel like I can't enter a room without encountering some half done project, so I'll work on it for a minute or two, and find something that needs to go in another room, and leave to find another half done project...all over the house. I didn't complete one project...except finishing labeling jars.

Yeah so, In Addition, I was coming down the stairs to write this; my foot gave out and I bounced down the stairs. Literally. Bounced Down the Stairs. And Eric asked me if I was ok, and I was like, Sure, I'm Fine. I knew my back wasn't broken because I could feel my toes, and they hurt. Thought I was good, I could stand, walk, all that, but as I sit here, I feel Less than Good. So now, not only do we have a bigger mess in the house, I'm a bigger mess too. Ugh.