Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super Heroes


I guess the characters named in this photo today were best chosen by Chris: SuperSweetboy, and his sidekicks SuperGrover and SuperSunny.

Chris was being extra sweet this morning. I was sitting on the floor, and he just came up, and gave me a hug. I guess he could tell Mommy didn't feel good. He asked if my back hurt, he's so smart, he just knows. He gave me another hug. Best Hugs. I wonder, can you get a concussion from bouncing down the stairs on your butt and back a few times? I don't remember hitting my head, though it hurt, but so did the rest of me. Today I've felt achy, floopsy, nauseated, kind of gross all round. Luckily, I have me a few boys who take good care of me. These boys let me nap, and let me stay home when I need to. However, we did take a trip to the park for a picnic lunch, and I sat in the shade. I wished I could've taken a picture or video of Eric pushing both boys in swings, as they giggled madly. It was beautiful.


SuperSillyAunt said...

Maybe you threw your rocks off when you did the somersault.

Cathy said...

That's a good idea, maybe mildly. But I stayed upright the whole time...though somewhat sideways, I don't think my head hit anything. And I can drive, which I had a lot of trouble with the vertigo. Though I have yet to go far, been staying in town. Guess I'll find out tomorrow when I take Chris to school and back.