Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First House Tour


This was the view I encountered when I pulled up to the house this evening. Holy Cow! Suddenly we've become the BIGGEST HOUSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!! That's A Good thing right?

Check that out! You know what those are? Roof Trusses. (Yeah I didn't know that's what they were either, but they Sure are Pretty.)

After all the activities of the day, we decided to meet up at the lot. Eric's parents had the opportunity to meet us too, and we stood there for a while watching "The Guys" pack up for the day staring at the beauty that is our house with a new roof on it.

So we went inside, and we gave Mom and Dad the First House Tour. Very Neat.

Tell you what cracked me up most, was Christopher imitating Daddy's demo. Eric's a quiet guy normally, but once you get him going about the house, he starts talking up a storm and waving his hands about in great demonstration. And to see Chris jumping right in there, was so adorable!

And as funny as he is, and as crazy as this whole process is driving me, this day is the sort that makes me remember what it's all about: little boys picking their new rooms and this big boy awfully cute smiling and peeking out his new bedroom window.