Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Camping: Sunday - Campside

The Boys were having a wonderful time at the campsight. We LOVE Camping!!!

1. Train Time - After a much better night, being dry, and almost warm, we enjoyed our leisurely morning. The kids built a train out of folding chairs...and by kids I mean Nana and Chris. Annie was literally along for the ride. ;)

2. Chair Lover - Sam spent half the weekend climbing in and out of, or falling out of different folding chairs, like Goldilocks. But for a split second he enjoyed sitting in his own chair.

3. Crackers or Crack - Chris becomes KING as he holds the bag of goldfish crackers and distributes them one at a time to the other kids. Not sure if there wasn't a bit of "one for you, one for you, two for me" going on, but the kids swarmed around like bees.

4. Charles de Girl - My niece Charlie...almost a morning person.

5. Turning Tree - Indiana in the fall is a little slice of heaven! I love how the colors turn, it makes me so peaceful.

6. The New Game - Uncle James became Chris and Annie's favorite toy, when he picked them up and danced and spun them around the campsite. He really got a workout. And they had so much fun, they laughed until they couldn't breathe.

7. C Cuddles - Charlie cuddles on her Aunt Cathy, my word she's sweet.

8. Kids Today - How adorable are these kids!?! Yeah, even Sam picking his nose. His new trick. It seems to be whenever his nose gets drippy, he must scientifically investigate it with his finger, and he swirls the snot. It's so gross, but... they're Cute.

9. The Flashlights - My Uncle Ron shows the boys his flashlights, and lets Chris put on his head lamp, which the boys thought was super fun as darkness set in to go playing chase after the beams of light.

10. Moonlit Night - The moon pops out early as the sun sets on this gorgeous day. Ahhh...