Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Camping: Monday, The Last Day :(


It just figures, it takes us three nights to work out all the kinks on staying Warm AND Dry, and the boys wake up in a great mood, and it's the day we have to leave.


1. The Cuddles - I did not want to get out of bed. So I didn't. Chris crawled in with me, and we tipped Sam's pack-n-play to pour him out. I had sweetboys crawling all over me and it was going to be a gorgeous day. I could've stayed there forever...but my bladder disagrees.

2. Shashight - Sam remembered the fun from the previous evenings, when he got out of the pack and play, he spotted my flashlight, grabbed it and came over and attacked us with it. What a ray of sunshine he can be in the mornings.

3. Packing Up - Chris promised he'd be helpful. And he was, he packed up his own packing chair...three times.

4. Not Helpful - As packup progressed, and the boys becames less and less helpful and more and more in the way, I got mad and told Chris if he didn't obey I'd lock him in the tent. Sam went in willingly, initially, while I did more packing up around them. But then it became clear, they weren't going to be any use in there either.

5. On Guard - Sam finds the pile of Tentpoles. I had been trying to keep Chris out of them, because he was charging them all over the campsite. I guess it was an improvement when Sam simply wanted to bang them on each other.

6. Sweetbread Girl - Since there was a morning of packing, a proper hot breakfast was not made. No problem for Annie, her Mom brought Cinnamon Bread, which she thought was fabulous.

7. Sweetbread Boy - Chris wanted anything that Annie had, and that included cinnamon bread...apparently. It really was Miracle Sweetbread as my sister called it. Everyone seemed happier eating it. I was just glad he was happy and stayed out of my hair while I packed.

8. Sweetbread Baby - Yup, that stuff was Magic, Chris ate 3 pieces, and even Sam wanted to join in the fun, and that meant leaving the sticks alone, which surprisingly he was willing to do.

9. The Four Grandkids - I think this may be the first time we got a decent picture of all four of the cousins, with no one asleep or crying.

10. The End - The End of FamCamp 2010. From R-L: My sister Lisa, baby Charlie, her hubs James, my Mom Nana, my Uncle Ron (Grunkle) and Me, and the kids on the cooler Sam, Chris, and cousin Annie.

sniff sniff