Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lost in the Insanity


While we escaped a bit to go camping with my family, Eric has been literally up to his eyeballs in working on the new house. One guy, big job. He looks so little amongst all that. He's been putting in under slab plumbing in the basement...for 4 days. Hard to do that in the rain, without all the tools he needed. Seems we've had similar few days, we had to fight the rain, and deal with items forgotten. Luckily we had my Uncle Ron with us, who can McGyver fix anything...I think we need to start calling him Uncle McGyver, but that's another story.
It's been crazy with the camping, the packing and unpacking and the kids, I'm just not cut out for single parenthood for more than a couple days, let alone off site. It was Fun but I'm so exhausted, I really could use a day off, and not the kind like Eric just took where he spent the whole time working in a different sense. Maybe next year ;)
Then today the boys and I leapt right into full busy insane schedule mode...Kindermusik, school, gymnastics. We love it but it's crazy. And Eric was behind too, he even had to miss work yesterday and some of today, but he finished Just in the nick of time to get signed off for the slab guys tomorrow. Whew. And tomorrow is an easier evening for the boys and I too, so hopefully I can get a chance to catch up a bit too.