Sunday, September 26, 2010

View Haloo


Yesterday we got a super bonus, "The Guys" were working on the house. On a Saturday!!! We kind of hoped they'd work today, giving us opportunity to do a few things, like put the master bathtub in, something that will be So Much Easier to do when we don't have walls. Unfortunately, we don't have Stairs yet either.

But the guys did manage to put the subfloor up on the second story and about 2/3 of the exterior walls yesterday. Today we took the kids over to check it out.
It's weird to walk through these rooms...well, what will be rooms.

I've heard some great ideas of things to do with the Elevator shaft, like a fire pole, a ladder, a slide, storage. Many good things. Bur for right now, we just want to keep Chris out of it.

Later this evening, Eric popped over to the lot to do a few things; he took his ladder, and ventured up onto the new "Second Floor". You know what got me the most excited? This View!

This is going to be the view from window right above my garden bath tub. Without tree stumps, of course. But How AWESOME!!! See the pond/lake through the trees. I find myself relaxing already, and the water isn't even running.