Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Happy Tree Turning Point


Today was supposed to be pretty quiet, Eric wanted to work in the yard, he ran, I was going to just hang with the little ones until after lunch, at which point, Chris was invited to a friend's birthday party.
But long about noon, he started acting up. Many Timeouts ensued. We made the threat of "If you don't XYZ(Get dressed, get your shoes on, give your brother back his toy...), you won't go to the party." He was seriously acting like he needed a nap. And, it worked, until about 1:30, when I had him in the car. I wanted to stop on the way, and he FLIPPED OUT. Well, that was it, again I began the count, but he was so Over The Edge. I made it to 3. I turned around. His wailing shook the car, and house; it was Ugly. He cried for at least 15 minutes in his timeout, and we don't count a timeout starting until the tantrum is Done. I was mad too, I was really looking forward to visiting with this friend and her son. But I just couldn't justify taking Mr. Meltdowns to a friend's house...where he was going to have to Share Toys, and Observe Present opening with others. When in a good mood, he would be OK. But he wasn't. I put him to bed. He was out cold before baby brother...and he slept for 2 hours.

However, just before his Time Out was over, the doorbell rang. It was a Giant Box, thin and as Tall as Eric. It had LIVE PLANTS written on the side. I'm like, Hello? WHO would send me a live plant?

Answer: My Sister

She sent me a Tree! A Tree for our new house! It is a "Happy Birthday/Happy Mother's Day/Thank You for loving my Baby" Tree. Called the Golden Raintree and from what I've seen it's going to be Gorgeous! Thank You Lisa!

Of course, I can't plant it yet, but she came in her own little pot, so she should be good there for a little bit, until we begin the house project, and rip out anything that's going to be underfoot, so I don't want to plant any new trees or flower bulbs until the digging is done. Then we can figure out where the house/yard are going to be, and commence serious planting.

But it was a turning point of my day, receiving this tree. Chris was so excited about it, he was almost Helpful unpacking it, and he took a good 2 hour nap, and woke up in a Much Better Mood! The whole day improved with the appearance of this little tree, I can't wait to see what kind of good luck she'll bring to the new house!


Melissa A. said...

It's amazing what a little nature will do for a cranky kid! Your little golden raintree is beautiful, and your sister was so sweet to send it to you. :)