Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Iris Woo Dangs


So I went outside this morning, happy because my Irises have just begun blooming...I'll have bigger mass pics in a couple days. But they're so Purty!

By zee each!

A question of ettiquette, these irises came from my Mom's garden via my Grandma's Garden. Is it Bad Form to dig them up and take them with me when we move?


Elizabeth said...

Cathy...those are just beautiful! Irises are some of my favorites...and purple is my fav color! I definitely think that you should dig them up and take them with you to your new house!

Rachel said...

Nope. Not bad form. Take 'em with you!

Seestor said...

Heck naw! You should TOTALLY take those suckers with you!!! Well done you on your recent macro photography discovery, btw - Dewdrops are lovely. :)

p.s. my verification word is "undog" - can that be a real word? Like, I'd like to undog mom's house for her. :)

Carla S said...

I'd take most of them with me, too! I love irises. They were part of my wedding bouquet.