Thursday, May 27, 2010



This morning was the entry to another bright sunshiney day, and while I was feeding Sam breakfast, I offered to let Chris go out and play. I don't really know why, he didn't ask, but it was a pretty day, and he'd had a good morning, got his bat out of timeout for pottying, so I let him go. (Of course 20 minutes later, the bat was back in time out.) But in the meantime, it was a lovely morning, he swung the bat around, not at anything, just in general. He drew a picture, with sidewalk chalk. It's my head, can't you tell?

We packed up and went to the Children's Museum, and upon arrival, I realized I forgot my camera. Crazy, no? Me forget my camera? I know. And of course, the kids were adorable there; there were a couple moments where the kids actually played together.
I was puzzled though, by strangers asking me about the welt on Chris's head. I know it's ugly, but perhaps, made moreso by the very bald head. It wasn't until I got this sad, pitying, look from a gal, that made me wonder, do they think there's something really wrong with him?
He only lost a battle with the piano. He says, "The piano jumped up and bit me." It got a blood vessel, I watched as it swelled up. It looks like the inside is getting worse than the outside. Eric was asking me this morning if I should run him in, I was like no, it's been almost a week, it was last Saturday. But it does seem to be getting Uglier. Is that strange? Should I be worried?

Just so you know, he doesn't have cancer, he's not being abused, he just took a header into the corner of the piano, I swear.


Melissa A. said...

Ughh, people can be such jerks sometimes! I always go by the rule that if you're not sure what's going on, it's better not to say anything. Example: someone may *think* that a woman is preggo, but unless you're absolutely positive, don't even say anything about it. You might be wrong! Anyway, I'm sure he's fine. You could always just call and talk to a nurse if you're worried. Boys will be boys!