Sunday, May 2, 2010

Partying On


Twas a long night last night, the boys were disinclined to sleep through, and they woke up at 6:30, followed by a festively busy today today, we did church and lunch with the Fam, came home and utterly crashed for naps...all 4 of us slept for 2 least. When we woke up, we headed to our friend's Dan and Nancy's for a cookout. The weather FINALLY shaped up just enough for the kids to play outside. Chris and Max rode up and down the sidewalk for half an hour, and just giggled and laughed and made weird noises. Together, they are So Boyish. Chris was on the bike, and Sam was playing picking up rocks in the driveway, our friends offered to put out a blanket of some toys for Sam, but no, he wasn't interested, he wanted to pick up tiny rocks, and play with the big toys on the cement. Chris's crazy Boy side is peeping through...Mommy picked up the book Raising Boys yesterday, and looks like I'm going to need it with these boys!

Though for the life of me, I don't know why my phone is taking blue pictures?